Safe Streets ICT


On any given day, you’ll find Wichita streets filled with people walking, biking and driving. Crashes happen, and while the City of Wichita continues to improve our roads and paths to better accommodate everyone who uses them, preventing these crashes is a job for all of us.

No matter how you roll, you can do your part by following these simple Rules of the Road. Together, we can make our streets safer for everyone.


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Be Patient

Avoiding a crash is worth an extra second or two, so take a moment at intersections to look for people walking, biking and driving. Give them a chance to pass safely before you proceed.

Choose the Right Path

Wichita offers bike lanes and paths designed especially for people on bikes. Be familiar with where they are and use them when you can.

Look Twice

When making a turn, always check for people on bikes coming up from behind. Only turn when you’re clear — even if that means waiting until they pass.

Get Around Safely

Always leave three feet of space between your car and a bike. If you can’t pass safely, wait until it’s clear to change lanes.

Bikes Are Vehicles

Bikes and cars are both vehicles, so they have the same rights and are subject to many of the same laws. That means obeying traffic signs, signals and yielding to through traffic.

Pay Attention

Distractions are everywhere. Keeping your eyes on the road will make our streets safer for everyone, and prevent you and others from being injured in a crash.

Check Behind You

When parallel parked, check for people on bikes approaching from behind before opening your door. Or better yet, use your right hand to pull the handle and look back in one move.

Look Both Ways

Whether you’re on foot or on a bike, don’t cross during a red light or dart across a street. Use crosswalks whenever possible, and always look carefully before you cross.

Light Up Your Bike

Don’t be invisible. Always use a bike light at night to make sure you’re seen by others on the road.

Take It Slow

We all share the same paths, so slow down and look carefully at crossings to avoid others.